Tracy Anderson thinks you have a “disaster” body. And she thinks it’s all your fault because you’re a lazy sow who didn’t have the good morals to start whipping your ass back in shape immediately after you went through the life-changing and energy-draining experience of pushing a small human through your vagina.

Damn your cries of mental and physical exhaustion after spending weeks or even months with only a fond memory of sleep. Oh, did you spend three days in labor doing the hardest work that your body will ever have to do and then came out the other side blissfully happy but with barely the will or the energy to raise an arm to even lift your precious new baby? That’s obviously just an “excuse!” Two weeks doing “nothing” at home should be more than enough time to dust yourself off and get yourself back on the saddle — literally.

What. the. fuck. Tracy Anderson? Not only is this attitude that women have to whip themselves back into shape right after they have babies misogynistic as fuck, it’s also harmful.

Women need time after their children are born to let their bodies heal. Their bodies have just been through one of the most traumatic things they will ever experience physically (and one of the most beautiful). It can take months to recover from that. And I’m not just talking about the pain — though that is certainly an issue. It took me about 6 or 7 weeks before I could walk around without feeling a dull, ache from my pelvis. It took about 8 weeks before I felt like just walking around outside wasn’t a complete chore. It took me about 4 MONTHS before I could even ENTERTAIN the idea of exercising.

Look at that fatty! On my best days, I'm still 10 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight.

Look at that fatty! On my best days, I'm still 10 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight.

That’s not to mention how long it took before my skin was back to normal or my hair calmed the fuck down. Pregnancy sends down a shit storm on your body and your hormones,and it can take a long time to recover from that. For some women, their bodies may never be the same as they once were. (I’m still on breast watch. I think the jury’s still out until I stop breastfeeding…)

Telling women that you got your shape back six weeks after you gave birth (and then insinuating that they should have to) is dangerous. It tells women that there’s something wrong with them if they aren’t back up and at ’em right away — even if their bodies aren’t ready for it. Even worse, it tells women that there is something wrong with the shape they are in, even if it is bigger than the one they had before they became mothers. You’re either encouraging unhealthy physical behavior, or you’re damaging women’s sense of self-worth — neither of which is what they need when they are taking on one of the biggest challenges that life will ever give them.

But Tracy Anderson doesn’t stop there. It’s not just the mothers who don’t spring back right away, it’s also the mothers who are still “blaming” pregnancy on their bodies years after they gave birth. I mean, what’s the excuse for these fatties?

The “excuse” is that these women had children. They became mothers. They grew older. They stopped giving a shit about superficial nonsense like how high the number on their scale or the tag on their jeans was.

They don’t need an “excuse” for being the beautiful, lovely women that they are. The shape of a woman’s body is her business. If she comes to you for help in getting back her shape or in becoming more fit, she shouldn’t be shamed or made to feel like a failure who only has “excuses.”

Shame on you, Tracy Anderson.