Quinn started taking her first steps over the Thanksgiving weekend. At first, it was only a few steps — taken very tentatively — between two pieces of furniture placed closely together. A little over a week later, she is gaining her confidence and walking more and for longer distances. This morning, she walked all the way down the hallway.

And just think, this was her primary way to get around only a month ago.


It seems our little girl is speeding along in more ways than one. She is working on her fourth tooth, and she is learning more words (presently, she knows mama, dada, cat, dog, and hi). She has also traveled more than I did in my first 19 years. I didn’t leave the state until I was 19. She’s already traveled to New Jersey, New York, and Baltimore, and soon she will go to Florida and to Italy.

Meanwhile, I feel like the more time is speeding up, the more I am slowing down. A single day walking around the city left us exhausted and sore. I worry about our ability to see and do everything we want to do when we’re in Italy. I’m not sure I could repeat that day every day for two weeks.