We really should start to be more suspicious whenever things start change for the better. Because as soon as we make progress in one area, we seem to be due for a shitstorm in another.

Over the last couple of weeks, we made huge progress with naps. Quinn has always slept in her swing for naps (she’s not too big for it yet, though her legs were starting to peak over the edges). The main reason she slept in her swing is that she would just cry and get up if we laid her on the bed. Even if I laid with her, as soon as I got up, she would wake up.


The progress started when we would put her down in her swing for nap and wouldn’t have to wait there until she fell asleep. Instead of rocking her, shushing her, rubbing her head, and sitting in the dark pretending to be asleep for about 20 minutes, we were able to sit with her for a couple of minutes, say a few soft words and then leave the room. She didn’t need to be asleep when we left. She wouldn’t cry. She would just lie there for a few minutes and then go to sleep.

It was glorious!

About a week ago, she just decided all of a sudden that she hated her swing. We put her in it and she would throw a complete fit — screaming, body arching, thrashing, the whole deal. And that wasn’t after being in it for a few minutes. That was as soon as we would lie her down. So I started rocking her to sleep instead. I figured that she would wake up as soon as I laid her on the bed, just like she had in the past, but this time, she didn’t. She has slept in her own bed for naps every day since! (Or she has slept in our bed.)

On top of that, at night, she was starting to sleep for longer stretches without waking to nurse. I easily got 5 or 6 hours many nights in a row. One night, she didn’t nurse all night!


Now it seems we’re paying for all that good fortune. Quinn has returned to waking up every hour for the first part of the night, and then waking up every two hours for the second part. I am still awake trying to squeeze in work (I work from home) during the first part of the night, so this new trend is really killing my productivity. I’m in bed with her and able to nurse lying down for the second part, so that’s not as big an issue. I’d just like to be able to really settle in and sleep — not just hanging on the edge of sleep knowing I’m going to be roused at any moment by this lightly slumbering baby.

We think we may be in some sort of sleep regression, but the pattern is so erratic that we’re not sure. On top of the sleeping issues, she’s also been throwing major tantrums over every possible thing. One day, she had a total meltdown because she wanted grapes and we didn’t have any in the refrigerator. So I tried giving her strawberries, but she didn’t want any. Instead, she wanted to walk around with the open bowl of strawberries and throw them on the floor here and there. I didn’t want her to do that. I took the bowl of strawberries away, and she had the longest meltdown of her life.


I am waiting for the toddler insanity to end. I keep hearing from friends who have toddlers that this crazy, stormy period passes when they start to learn more words and are able to communicate a bit better. That makes sense since right now most of her communication consists of emphatically pointing at things over and over again and saying “That!”

Quinn iphone

Here’s hoping for more words soon. My nights and my sanity depend on it.

When did your toddler get through this sleepless, stormy period? Tell me about it in the comments!