bored in the car

I took a trip with QP down to Atlanta to visit my BFF Jen for the weekend, and I stopped in SC along the way to see my cousins and their brood.

Jamie and Quinn

While I enjoyed getting to see everyone, and while Quinn is definitely getting better about riding in the car, make no mistake about it: This trip was a total shit storm. There was crying and throwing food around the car and crying and arriving at a house that was not only not babyproofed but was an active death trap for a toddler and crying and grabbing everything that wasn’t strapped down — and did I mention the crying?

At one point, Jen was kind of quiet, and I said, “What’s wrong?”

Her:”Nothing. Just thinking.”
Me: (joking) “About how you’re no longer sure you want to have kids?”
Her: “Yeah, kind of.”

I love QP and she is wonderful and delightful and a joy to be around most of the time. But she’s also a handful. No, she’s a whole fucking house full. The child doesn’t stop moving. And she still isn’t able to communicate well, so she’s constantly screaming and crying and throwing things in frustration.

The upside to the weekend: Quinn inexplicably slept ALL NIGHT long, even though it was a new place and even though she doesn’t do that at home.


Our big outing for the weekend was to the Atlanta zoo. QP loved the parakeets, which flew in a big circle over her head. After that, she pretty much fell asleep and napped the rest of the time in the carrier.











We also went thrift store shopping and scored a really cool hammock chair that Quinn loved:

hammock chair

The ride home was not as bad as the ride down (Quinn took a nice long nap). I’m just glad to be home! Traveling with a toddler is hard work, and it’s taken me a few days to recover….