natural parenting resources
I’m introducing a new feature here on Anarchy in the Sandbox: A weekly roundup of natural parenting resources to help you discover the stories and other items of note that you might have missed. I’ll try to do these every Friday, but as a parent, I’ve quickly learned that schedules are kind of arbitrary. At any rate, I’m getting the first one to you on time (ish):

Does Sleep-Training Work? — a great article from Parenting with Love. (Hint: It doesn’t.)

The Birth of a New Baby – Helping Your Toddler Cope — another great article from Parenting with Love. Thinking about this a lot as we start working on baby #2.

10 Great Ways to Be an Unhappy Mom — from Mothering. Time to readjust your expectations.

Self-soothing. Possibly the biggest lie ever foisted on parents
— from the folks at Uncommon Sense. Great read on a tough issue!

22 Alternatives to Punishment from the Natural Child Project. Tools for positive parenting!

Finally, there’s going to be a nurse-in at Hollister tomorrow. Find out how you can join!

Not sure about nursing in public? Take the Badass Breastfeeder’s free course to learn how to NIP like a pro!

Have you seen any other great articles, links or other natural parenting resources this week? Share them in the comments!