I made this great chalkboard table for Quinn awhile back when I was Pinterest happy. At the same time, I was obsessed with Ikea hacks, and I bought two of these Lack end tables, thinking that I was going to make something snazzy for our living room:

Ikea Lack

Instead, I realized the project I had in mind wasn’t going to work for our space, and that end table sat in Quinn’s closet for months.

Along came my friend’s son’s birthday!

I figured he might already have something similar, and when I found out he didn’t, I was super happy to be able to make him one!

Here’s how I did it:

Buy some Rust-oleum chalkboard paint.

chalkboard paint

I originally bought two of these because I planned to do a chalkboard on our wall and make this table. I did the wall and made two tables, and I still only used half of one can.

Edge the side of the table with painter’s tape, then roll the paint on the top. You can brush it on and use less paint, but you won’t get the smooth coverage (or at least I wouldn’t).

chalkboard table

The first layer will be pretty splotchy, and it may seem like you’re going to have to put on 10 coats. However, by the second coat, it looks like this:

chalkboard  table

I didn’t use a primer, and I haven’t had any problems with the paint coming off on Quinn’s table. However, if you’re the cautious type, you can use a primer that’s designed for laminate or for plastic furniture.

Let the paint dry between each coat, and keep the layers thin and smooth. Mine only took three layers, and it has thick and even coverage.

Peel off the tape once the paint is completely dry. I didn’t time it, but it only takes a couple of hours. If you have any bleeding from the paint, use your nail or a putty knife to scrape it off the edges.

I wanted to add a little tray to the table to hold the chalk. I’ve seen tutorials that have you cut a hole in the center of the table and insert a little silver bin. I didn’t have the tools for that, so I found a small plastic container that would be the right size for chalk, and I screwed it to the side with a drill.

chalkboard  table

You can pre-drill the holes if you like, but I didn’t. The screws went through the plastic and the composite quite easily.

I just wrote a birthday message on the top and — voila! — lovely handmade birthday gift!

chalkboard  table

(Note: You can see along the bottom edge of the table that I got a little too zealous in cleaning up the edges and scraped outside the lines. Don’t be like me.)