Right as Quinn was coming up on 9 months this week, I celebrated 34.

I can’t say that welcoming 34 was anything special. We had some friends over and enjoyed some delicious food and some good times. But 34 feels about the same as 33.

Quinn’s monthly birthday, on the other hand, has ushered in all kinds of big changes. Our sweet girl is really starting to move in her world — standing, pulling up, cruising and, of course, crawling like a mutha. She’s even taken to standing all by herself and balancing a few moments before falling back on her bottom. (Of course, we haven’t been able to capture this elusive sighting on camera yet, but I have a feeling it won’t be long until she’s standing and walking everywhere.)

Now that she’s more mobile, she’s getting into everything. And, of course, she seems to me much more like a little girl and much less like a little baby every day.

It won’t be long before I don’t see much else besides the back of her head as she runs out the door to chase after the dogs or to play in the creek or to join her friends to explore.

I look forward to seeing her grow and celebrating these and many more birthdays with her. I just hope they don’t come too soon.

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