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Anarchy in the Sandbox is pleased to offer advertising opportunities. This is a growing blog that is beginning to experience some viral traffic.

In October 2013, the blog received 99,718 visits from 91,309 unique visitors. The blog got 138,211 total page views during that time.

In November 2013, the blog received 74,406 visits from 63,884 unique visitors. The blog got 113,906 page views during that time.

In addition, the blog has over 5,000 fans on Facebook, which is growing every day.

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Please contact me to discuss any other advertising possibilities you have in mind. I am open to sponsored giveaways and reviews, as well. Please keep in mind that you will need to send one review copy that I can keep for any giveaway or review that you wish to sponsor. I am also willing to work with you on other advertising opportunities. Please keep in mind that your product or website must be in keeping with the values promoted on this site, which involve positive parenting.