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about My name is Maria. I’m the mother of a sweet, strong, and determined little girl named Quinn. My husband and I practice attachment parenting (also called responsive parenting or natural parenting). Like a lot of other parents, we didn’t always think we’d be the kind of parents we are now. I had very different ideas about a lot of parenting issues, and was a little surprised at some of the choices that I ended up making — but they have been the right choices for our family.

We aren’t always in line with attachment parenting principles, but the philosophy is the best way to describe what we do. We believe in breastfeeding, child-led weaning, co-sleeping, and gentle discipline. We use cloth diapers most of the time but also use our fair share of disposables. We try to give our little girl wholesome, natural foods and to limit toxins in her environment. Most important of all, we focus on providing her what she needs when she needs it and giving her all the love we have to give.

She is teaching us to be more gentle, patient, and loving people. Above all, she is teaching us that in parenting, there are no rules.